Inserting text-boxes and mathematical formulae directly into the page, as well as how to navigate and use the Text and Equation tool.

The Rich Text Tool

When you create a text-box, or if you click into an existing one; you'll see a toolbar has various functions some will be familiar from word processing applications such as Google Docs or Word. I've labelled those main functions below.

There is also a Formula tool that you can use to insert to mathematical notation alongside regular text. The formula is otherwise identical to the Equation tool described below. The one thing to bear in mind with the Formula tool vs. Equation tool. Please refer there for more on how that works. 

There is also a Voice Typing tool that allows you to transcribe text using the microphone on your device, similar to the option you have when you are using the Text comment tool.

The Equation Tool

This tool allows you to create stand-alone equations by using the keyboard and symbol palette (click the π symbol). To create an Eqaution box, select the equation tool  From there you will see a symbol palette: 

This will display all of the different symbols you are able to insert into the Equation boxes. You can search for a specific symbol using the search bar; 

Lastly there are number of keyboard shortcuts that you can use when you have created  to quick-select certain mathematical notations, here are some of the commonly used shortcuts:

Fraction = "/"
Insert Space = "Shift \"
Superscript (or Exponent) = "Shift 6"
Subscript = "Shift -"

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