This article will cover how you can upload and insert images into Kami, as well as how you can digitally sign documents. Both of these tools outlined below are paid features. 

Insert Image Tool: 

This tool allows you to upload images into the document. It supports the follow images formats: .jpg, .png and .gif

How to bring in images to Kami: 

When you left-click on the Insert Image tool you will be prompted to select an image from one of the following sources

  • My Computer (i.e the images stored on your device)

  • Google Drive

  • Our in-app Google Image Search (defaulted to safe search)

Once you select a source and choose a file, you will then be able to move your cursor around to determine where on the document you want to place the image, you then left-click to place the image on the page.

How to crop images in Kami:

Once you had brought in an image you can then crop that image down to size.

1. Hover your mouse over the image in question. Your image toolbar should appear just above your image.

2. Select the Crop icon (the box with a line through it) next to the trash can icon.

3. Use the white manipulator bars to control your crop. The area which will be cropped out will appear in a darker shade while you are manipulating the image.

4. When you have finished cropping simply click off the image or press enter. This removes the cropping lines, leaving only the section of the image you wish to be displayed.

Things to keep in mind: 

If you're having difficulty changing the size of an image once you've inserted it, ensure that the Cursor tool is selected. 

Lastly, any images that you insert will occupy the layer beneath annotations on the file, which allows you to draw and insert text-boxes over the top of the picture.

The Signature Tool
This is used to quickly to sign PDF files digitally so that you can avoid the step of printing and re-scanning forms that you need to sign.

How to use: 

When you click on the Insert Image tool you will be prompted to either 'Upload an Image', (Load an image from either you local device storage or Google Drive), 'Draw signature' (which lets you sign directly onto the page using the touchscreen) or  'Draw Signature on Phone' (which provides a link for you to open on your phone so you can draw the signature onto that device and upload it to Kami).

Tips and Tricks: 

One of the more novel uses for the signature that teachers have made use of is creating signatures for shorthand and marking codes so that they can quickly insert points or corrections without having to individually draw each mark.

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