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Insert Blank Pages into a document πŸ“„
Insert Blank Pages into a document πŸ“„

How to add new pages to your file, and the different types.

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Sometimes in a file, there just isn't enough room to get everything you want down on the page, or you've got an activity for your students that needs graph paper or lines for them to write down the answers on.

Luckily, Kami has a way to do just that for you, by adding a blank page or three to the bottom of a document.

​Adding Blank Pages

If you want to add a blank page to the document, you'll need to scroll down to the bottom of the document, and find the circular Plus icon at the bottom of the document:

Once you click that Icon, you will see an "Add New Pages" menu pop up.Β 

The first section is "Page Type" this is a list of different page options that you can add. Ranging from a normal blank pages, lined pages to Venn Diagrams and more.

The second section allows you to adjust the size of the page you insert:


Thirdly you have page "Orientation" you have the option of Landscape view or Portrait view:

You can also select how many pages you want to add of this type with the "Pages" option:


Lastly you have the option to choose the color of the page you are adding:


You can choose colors with our swatches option or you can create your own mix with the color picker:


Removing/ Rearranging Pages:

Once you've added those pages, they will appear at the bottom of the document.

If you need to re-order or remove pages Β from the document, you can do so by loading the document into the Kami Split and Merge tool from the dropdown menu in the menu bar (For more information on Split and Merge, please see the help article available here)

If you need further assistance, please contact us at

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