There are a few different tools under this heading, let's breakdown what they are and how they work:

The Cursor Tool:

The cursor allows you to interact with the embedded text* on the document and the annotations that you have created. For example if you wish to copy and paste text from the document or if you wanted to change the modify an existing annotation, then you would use the cursor tool. 

This tool is also used to adjust the dimensions on inserted images and signatures.

How to use: To edit annotations, select text by clicking or hovering over an annotations to see the options. To select text, simply click and drag over text.  

Things to keep in mind: If you find that you are not able to select text on the page directly then please see our help article on the Text Recognition Tool to get this working for you.


The Dictionary Tool (Paid feature):

This tool allows you to define any word in the document.

How to use: Click on a word in the document, the tool will automatically run a dictionary query for that word

Things to keep in mind: The dictionary definitions provided are derived from the Oxford Dictionary. At this stage, the Dictionary tool only supports English word definitions.  

The Select Annotation Tool

This tool allows you to select, modify, move, delete them all at once, and copy/paste groups of annotations across different pages and documents. 

How to use: Click-and-drag across any group of annotations in order to modify them.

Things to keep in mind: When if you need to change the size of an image/signature that you've inserted, you need to ensure that you have the Cursor tool, not the Select Annotations tool. 

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