For Teachers using Google Classroom we now have a feature that allows you to use the Kami tools as part of the grading process either when the students have submitted their work, or to collaborate and assist students prior to submission. 

Note this is a feature for paid users only.

Below are instructions on how to access this feature:

  1. Open the Classwork tab in Google Classroom

2) Choose which student’s work whose work you want to grade.

3) Click the "Grade with Kami" button (Make sure that you have our Chrome extension installed in your device. This is what adds the ‘Grade with Kami’ option. Click here to install the Kami extension.

4) Start annotating and marking the assignment, and return the feedback.

Also bear in mind that these tools can be used both as part of the grading process once the students have submitted their work, or to collaborate and assist students prior to submission if you need to do an intervention or assist a student if they are stuck on a problem or remind students who may not have started yet. 

Grading Non-PDF files:

For non-PDF files submitted by students, to grade in Kami in you will be asked to convert them to PDF for the annotation tools to work properly on the file. Please note

that PDF copy is not immediately shared back to the student.

To share that back to your student, what you would need to do is create a Kami sharing link for the PDF copy that you have marked and then post that back to the students as a private comment on the assignment.

The students can then use that link to view the annotated copy inside of Kami.

Source for images: Eve Heaton, Instructional Technology Coach (Beaufort County School District) Twitter: @atechcoachlife

If you have any issues with grading or returning Graded files to our students feel free to contact us on support

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