How to open and complete a Google Classroom assignment with Kami on an iPad

Google Classroom Assignments can be opened and completed in Kami on an iPad using the following instructions:

1. Assigning work on Google Classroom to be opened on an iPad

For teachers assigning work in Google Classroom, follow these instructions to allow students to open the work on an iPad:

  • Go to Google Classroom, then go to the Classwork tab. Click Create, then select Kami assignment.

  • Fill in all the fields required.

  • Attach a file from Google Drive or from your computer. We recommend selecting Make a copy for each student (selecting Students share one copy means they will all be annotating the original).

  • Mark the checkbox in the bottom right corner Open with Kami

  • Click Assign to complete this step.

Note: These steps must be performed on a Chromebook or a Mac/Windows/Linux computer. You cannot create Kami Assignments through Google Classroom on an iPad.

2. Opening and completing a Google Classroom assignment in Kami on an iPad

For students opening a Google Classroom assignment in Kami on an iPad, follow these instructions:

  • Go to Google Classroom, then choose a class from the list of Classes you’re enrolled in.

  • Click the Classwork tab to view work that has been assigned to you, then select the assignment you wish to work on.

  • Under attachments click the Open with Kami via Kami button. This will open a new browser window with your assignment loaded up in Kami.

  • Use all the Kami tools as you usually would to complete your work.

  • Click the Turn in button when you have finished to submit your work.

  • Click Done in the top left corner to complete the submission process.

Can you use Google Classroom to grade on an iPad?

Unfortunately, you cannot grade with Kami on an iPad. To add feedback and grades to a Kami assignment you will need to use a Chromebook or a Mac/Windows/Linux computer.

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